Elizabeth and Jordan Dallas Engagement Photos- by Carter

Elizabeth and Jordan’s wedding is going to be in September, but we got out in the pretty fall colors and made some engagement photos. While I’m here, let me give a short plug for engagement photo sessions. For one they really help me as a photographer get to know you. Sure we meet when you book and we talk on the phone, but at engagements the formalities are out of the way and it’s just the three of us hanging out. I get to see you guys interact, see how you like to hug, kiss and hold hands. You get to check me out too – How close do I get? How is it to have a camera pointed at you for a lengthly period of time? Am I a weirdo?

The other nice thing about engagements is that it gives  you a chance to get professional quality pictures of yourself from this time of your life while not dressed as bride and groom. For historical purposes it is good to have pictures that show what you looked like on a semi-normal day (at least what you looked like on a day you know you were going to be photographed..)

So if you are on the fence I say go for it… You get pretty pictures and I get to know a little more about you going into the wedding day – It’s a win-win 🙂

Hope you enjoy!