f8cinema. brings cinematic style and a fresh approach to wedding videography with a commitment to capturing real, meaningful moments of the wedding day. We maintain the highest technical craftsmanship, a quirky sense of humor, and a genuine appreciation for family. f8cinema creates dynamic imagery that reveals the day moment by moment  in all of its beautiful wonderment. Each of us are professionally working artists outside our wedding lives. We are actors, musicians, singers, filmmakers, painters, cartoonists, writers, graphic designers, and directors. We love to live, we love to create, and we love capturing how wonderful life really is. We are story tellers. Let us tell your story.

 about me. I’m grateful to have a profession that follows alongside of one of the happiest and most momentous days in peoples lives, all the while filming the awesomeness that best represents a couple’s memories. Annnnd boy howdy do I adore doing it. I’m an actor and a musician. I’m silly and I smell nice. I give too many high fives. I’m cool,  kind  and dapper. I wear bowties. Bowties are cool. I’m like a ninja, like a ninja with really cool camera equipment. I stay out of your way. If you don’t remember seeing me, you weren’t on the dance floor. The only thing I love more than smiling is making you smile. I want you to have exactly what you want because you deserve it. You shouldn’t settle for  less, it’s your big day. I was just recently married in 2016 and completely understand the wedding planning hustle from start to finish. If you are interested in talking with me about absolutely anything, please feel free to reach out.

corey cleary-stoner | f8 cinema director

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